Spy Games

It's time to go undercover because this mission, if you should decide to accept it, is going to make you into the ultimate secret agent! During this series, we're going to gather intelligence and decode everything you need to get smart and be a super spy with a license to chill! We may be shaken, but not stirred - that's because we have a born again identity that will help us infiltrate, break codes and bug the enemy. This assignment is classified, so get ready and get wired for your next top-secret mission - Code Name: Spy Games!

Time Travelers

Join us as we go back in time to see the power of love with an amazing series that travels to the past, and flies back to the future!  Set your clocks, because you don’t want to miss God’s plan to give you hope and a future - it’s the greatest message of all time!  Get ready for the time of your life with KidPak Adventures:  Time Travelers!


Saddle up, Partners!  Get ready for a rip-roarin’ time as we head to the Old West for a rootin’ tootin’ series like no other. Each day we’ll strike gold as we dig deeper into God’s word, so saddle up, head west with us, and join the Trailblazers!

Under the Sea

Just keep swimming, and go overboard with us for a new series at Kidpak! We’re diving deep into God’s Word, learning we’re the head and not the tail, and that we’re totally righteous too! And if nautical nonsense is something you wish, then get ready for fathoms of fun in the big ol’ blue! We got no troubles, life is the bubbles… UNDER THE SEA!


Blaze a trail with us this series with these inspiring messages that will help you stay on fire for God! The world may want you to chill out, but KidPak is here to help spread the gospel, and spread it just like Wildfire!