Free Chapel exists to reach people with the message of Jesus and help those who need it most.

In 2020, Free Chapel came together and adapted to the challenge.

See how your gifts have impacted the world.

COVID-19 Relief

Free Chapel came together and adapted to the challenge.

When COVID-19 hit home, we responded quickly in our communities. The following is a small sample of what your generosity has allowed Free Chapel to accomplish during the pandemic.

  • Gave away over half a million pounds of food to families.
  • Provided over 40,000 meals to seniors, shut-ins, healthcare workers, police officers and first responders.
  • Saved the lives of over 1,500 people through 14 blood drives at our campuses.
  • Donated 2,000 backpacks filled with supplies.
  • Distributed $320,000+ to support churches while their doors were closed.
  • Provided marriage counseling for over 1,000 people and helped over 1,000 people struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • Donated $25,000 to local food banks.
  • Made over 20,000 phone calls to seniors each month during the pandemic.
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I love Free Chapel and the amazing job they do to give back to the community! It means so much to so many people. Thank you!

Victoria Heyward, Free Chapel Gainesville member

Online Campus

Through quick innovation, Free Chapel delivered on creating a new online campus.

Even as our own church doors were closed, we have been able to reach more people than ever this year. Our online services have been viewed more than 52 million times since January. During this time, our team has received and followed up with over 13,000 online altar responses. Since launching our online campus earlier this year, we already have over 5,000 members. During the pandemic we have added many new features for our online family.

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Global Outreach

Our support for ministry around the world hasn't stopped.

Because of your amazing support this year, we were also able to continue our existing outreach efforts and even begin new ones around the world.

  • Continued our eleventh straight year of providing 272,000 mean each month to those in desperate need in Haiti.
  • Continued partnering with New Beginnings and the LA Dream Center to expand their missions of restoration and rehabilitation.
  • Completed our $1 million dollar commitment to construct the Eshkol Fortified Kingdom Playschool which provides protection and safety for the children and families in the region facing frequent terrorist attacks and mortar fire.
  • Supported many of the 190,000 Holocaust survivors who live in poverty and have experienced difficult times this year in COVID-19 lockdowns.
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Vision for the Future

Our support for ministry around the world hasn't stopped.

When we look ahead to the future, we’re continuing our commitment to the local church, to helping those in desperate need, and to providing new ways to reach new people and help believers grow in their relationship with Christ.

  • In January 2021, we’re excited to add to the family with the launch of Free Chapel Braselton. The interior and exterior of the property has been refreshed this year and we’re ready to serve families in this fast-growing area northeast of Atlanta right off I-85.
  • We will partner with a ministry on the ground in Israel to deliver food and supplies to many of the 190,000 Holocaust survivors living in poverty and bless them in their later years.
  • We are starting a new project that will help build fortified bomb shelters for 4 Israeli communities along the Gaza strip.
  • Free Chapel Online: We will continue to grow our online team to help build the technology and content to lead people beyond a live stream experience into growing relationships with God and others.
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